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Table 2 Comparison of similar clinics for refugees in Germany in 2015

From: Health care provision for refugees in Germany – one-year evaluation of an outpatient clinic in an urban emergency accommodation

  Cologne Bremen Frankfurt/Main Munich
place biggest emergency accommodation of the municipality every accommodation for asylum seekers in Bremen public health department Bavaria barracks (central accommodation)
responsible body GRC
ASHIP public health department
public health department public health department social service REFUDOCS e.V.
frequency twice a week twice a week to daily (central accommodation) twice a week daily
speciality general medicine, paediatrics general medicine general medicine, pre- and postnatal treatment general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology
financing social service (med. treatment), GRC (staff) public health department (staff) social service (med. treatment), public health department (staff, rooms) county of upper Bavaria, municipality of Munich