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Table 2 Multilevel analysis: satisfaction with the results of the collaboration according to professionals at the end of project

From: Do project management and network governance contribute to inter-organisational collaboration in primary care? A mixed methods study

  Professionals’ satisfaction with results T2  
Response B S.E.
Fixed Part
 Constant 2.941 (0.364)
 Female1 −0.09 (0.094)
 Age −0.002 (0.004)
 Success of project management according to interviewers 0.057 (0.065)
 Success of network governance according to project board members 0.087* (0.035)
Random Part
 Level: project
 cons/cons 0.006 (0.015)
 Level: professional
 cons/cons 0.454* (0.042)
 ICC2 0.013  
 -2*loglikelihood: 540.142  
 N project 41  
 N professional 262  
  1. 1ref cat: Male
  2. 2ICC = Intra Class Correlation
  3. *p < .05