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Table 3 Characteristics of the study districts

From: Internal contracting of health services in Cambodia: drivers for change and lessons learned after a decade of external contracting

District (province) SOA Previous contracting Level of service covered Geographical area Population/number of health facilities
Memut (Kampong Cham) Yes (2009) • 1999–2002/3 contracting out managed by SCA
• 2004–2008 contracting managed by SCA
Primary and secondary care Lower east plateau bordering Vietnam 135,500
1 referral hospital
10 health centres
Peariang (Prey Veng) Yes (2009) • 1999–2002 contracting-in managed by Healthnet International
• 2004–2008 contracting managed by Healthnet International
Primary and secondary care Central south plains 193,500
1 referral hospital
15 health centres
Samrong (Oddor Meanchey) Yes (2010) • 2005/2006–2009: performance contract supported by BTC
• 2006–2008: PMG
Primary care only Upper North Mountainous 219,000
1 referral hospital
23 health centres
Bati (Takeo) Yes (2010) None Primary and secondary care Plain 202,026
1 referral hospital
13 health centres
  1. SCA Save the Children, Australia, BTC Belgian Development Agency, PMG Priority Mission Group