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Table 2 Final and Intermediate outcome measures: transplant center-reported

From: A complex culturally targeted intervention to reduce Hispanic disparities in living kidney donor transplantation: an effectiveness-implementation hybrid study protocol

Construct Measure description
Final outcomes
 Ratio of Hispanics to Non-Hispanic Whites Receiving LDKTs This ratio takes into account growth in transplant center volume while also providing a comparison to non-Hispanic whites, necessary for assessing disparities in LDKT [102]. The ratio provides an index of whether the Hispanic LDKT increase has grown over and above the increase observed at a center overall. By using this ratio, factors related to the center’s infrastructure and capacity to perform additional LDKTs that affect both Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites equally are accounted for. Institutional commitments to LDKT that are associated with higher rates of LDKT, can influence willingness to donate or preferences for LDKT, and affect both populations equally (e.g., paired donation, and desensitization efforts), are accounted for.
 Number of Hispanic LDKTs Change in number of Hispanic LDKTs compared to change in number of non-Hispanic white LDKTs will provide evidence that the increase is not at the expense of white patients.
 Number of Hispanic Patients Added to the Waiting list: An increase in this number indicates success in overcoming barriers in gaining access (referral) to transplantation and completing the evaluation [103].
 Number of Hispanic Potential Donors per Potential Recipient An increase in this proportion reflects success in encouraging more potential living donors to undergo donor evaluation.
Intermediate Outcomes
 # Patients referred by outreach The aggregate number of patients who were referred by outreach staff. Referral can be made by self, staff at dialysis centers, nephrologists, primary physicians, or transplant outreach staff.
 # Patients scheduled/attending the education session The aggregate number of patients who were scheduled and attended the HKTP education sessions.
 # Patients who completed evaluation The aggregate number of patients who completed the transplant evaluation process.
 # Patients waitlisted The number of additions to the transplant center’s own waiting list will serve as a proxy for access to the waiting list.
 # Days on waiting list, dialysis time The number of days patients have waited on the waiting list to date.
 # Pre-emptive transplants The number of patients who received a living donor transplant prior to going on dialysis.
 # Potential donors at each phase of evaluation The aggregate number of potential living donors who have completed each phase of the donor evaluation process.
 # Days for donor to complete each phase of evaluation The number of days from start to finish of each phase of living donor evaluation from initiation to clearance for donation to donation.
 Potential donor disposition The donor’s evaluation status as: initiated, completed, ruled out, withdrew, alternate donor found.
Contextual Outcomes
 Patient and potential donor socioeconomic status Age, gender, race/ethnicity, insurance.
 Organ Procurement Organization and transplant center factors ESRD incidence, and transplant center volume.