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Table 2 Cost allocation, 2001

From: Does multidisciplinary rehabilitation of tortured refugees represent ‘value-for-money’? A follow-up of a Danish case-study

Cost categories (DKK)
Fixed cost (DKK)
Capital cost Rent and inventory 615.267,00
Variable cost (DKK)
Overhead Utilities, building services 403.373,00
  Office supplies 233.506,00
  Administration 547.491,00
  Reporting and board activities 349.256,00
  Organisational development 449.044,00
Support Reception 235.800,00
  Library and canteen 291.666,00
  IT 300.928,00
Department specific External assistance (dentist) 163.800,00
  Supervision and transport 188.967,00
  Salaries (support staff) 692.974,00
  Salary (all treatment staff) 5.080.659,00
Total (DKK)   9.552.731,00