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Table 2 Description of factors that may influence productivity and performance

From: Measuring productivity and its relationship to community health worker performance in Uganda: a cross-sectional study

Influencing factors Description of independent variables
1. VHT Sex
Age (< 35, 35- < 50, ≥50)
Marital status (married, single)
Flooring at own residence (covered with cement, tiles, concrete, or carpet, not covered)
Years of schooling
2. VHT engagement in their work and with other VHTs Job satisfactiona
 - Ratings on a five-point Likert-type scale on statements relating to being proud to be a VHT, feeling happy with the VHT work, ease of interaction with others, being known for their reliability as a VHT
Change agenta
 - Ratings on a five-point Likert-type scale on statements relating to helping other VHTs learn new skills, encouraging other VHTs to discuss challenges, applying new skills in their work, suggesting solutions, and giving feedback to other VHTs
 - Ratings on a five-point Likert-type scale on statements relating to seeing their VHT work through to completion, completing tasks on time, perception of clarity of goals, evaluating their own performance
3. VHT competencies Received VHT basic services training
Knowledge of danger signs in pregnant women, newborns, and children (summarized as percent correct for each of the three target populations, then averaged)
4. Incentives Financial incentives received
5. Recognition VHT perceived that health facility is supportive
6. Supervision Frequency of supervision over last 3 months
Perceived quality of supervision against VHT program supervision requirementsa
 – Checks equipment, provides feedback, finds solution to problems
7. Equipment and supplies Availability of essential supplies required for provision of VHT services (e.g., soap, clean water)
Ready access to transportation (motorcycle or bicycle)
Availability of a cell phone
8. Client factors For the child case observed
 - Age of child
 - Number of complaints described by caregiver during interactions
For the mother counselling observed
 - Age of mother
 - Number of years of schooling completed by the mother
  1. aMade into score using Principal Component Analysis