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Table 4 Overview of participants in Case 2 and 3 who were involved for the entire SIDSSAa study period (December 2009 to March 2012)

From: Exploring the potential of a multi-level approach to improve capability for continuous organizational improvement and learning in a Swedish healthcare region

Function Years in this function Unit Number of staff supervised No of care recipients
Case 2 - Care of elderly adults
 Division manager 2 years Strategic management 24 unit managers  
 Development support 1 year Strategic level support unit 0 0
 Unit manager 9 years Three short term housing units 43 38
 Unit manager 12 years Special housing unit (dementia care) 22 24
 Unit manager > 10 years Four special housing units 58 56
Case 3 - Care of adults and children with functional impairments
 Division manager 9 years Strategic management 11 units  
 Development support 8 years Strategic level support unit 1340 staff  
 Unit manager 11 years Three housing units for people with autism 25 staff 17
 Unit manager 20 years Day-time occupation 70 staff 236
 Unit manager 1,5 years Three short term housing units (children) 30 staff 44
 Unit manager 4 years Home assistance and service 34 staff 8
  1. aSIDSSA: Sustainable Improvement and Development through Strategic and Systematic Approaches
  2. Case 2 refers to “Municipality A” which provides care for the elderly
  3. Case 3 refers to “Municipality B” which provides eldercare and care for adults and children with functional impairments
  4. Municipality A and B are blinded entities within one of the 21 healthcare regions in Sweden