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Table 1 Overview of data collected in the Future Welfare Services Projecta, with the darkened cells indicating data used in the SIDSSAb study

From: Exploring the potential of a multi-level approach to improve capability for continuous organizational improvement and learning in a Swedish healthcare region

  1. aFuture Welfare Services projects (Grant no 2009–01729), funded by the research program on service and organizational innovations at Sweden’s innovation agency VINNOVA
  2. bSIDSSA: Sustainable Improvement and Development through Strategic and Systematic Approaches
  3. Case 1 refers to an R&D unit
  4. Case 2 refers to “Municipality A” which provides care for the elderly
  5. Case 3 refers to “Municipality B” which provides eldercare and care for adults and children with functional impairments
  6. The R&D unit and Municipality A and B are blinded entities within one of the 21 healthcare regions in Sweden