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Table 2 Areas of care that need improvement, typically explained by nursing professionals and older adults

From: Perspectives of nursing professionals and older adults differ on aspects of care for older people after a nationwide improvement program

Nursing professionals stated:
“More collaboration than is now the case, increase knowledge (especially on recognizing vulnerability) and more action towards preventing vulnerability.”
“Less segregation of organisations and finances. It is difficult to keep track of changing names of organisations and staff. Appointing one case manager that provides overview and arranges appropriate care would be helpful.”
“Talking to older adults at their kitchen table and asking what they need and how they approach life.”
Older adults stated:
“Better inform older adults, encourage prevention, more low-threshold walk-in services, empower patiënts, allow fulfilled-life discussions, battle loneliness and malnutrition, etc.”
“Let questions of (older) citizens be leading in care from sincere interest, allowing for a reduction of over- and under treatment. Thus tailored care.”