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Table 1 Mental health services available in Georgia by service provider, facility and funding source

From: Barriers to mental health care utilization among internally displaced persons in the republic of Georgia: a rapid appraisal study

Health care provider Health care facility Funding source Mental Health services
Pharmacy Retail drug store Out-of-pocket payment Drug selling; advice on drugs
GP Primary Health Care (PHC) Center UHC Management of mild depression and prescription of antidepressants, (free outpatient MH drugs are not provided)
Neurologist PHC center, outpatient ward of clinic UHC Management of mild depression and prescription of antidepressants (free MH medications are not provided).
Psychiatrist PHC center, psycho-neurologic dispensary, outpatient ward of psychiatric clinic SPMH Outpatient care (defined list of mental disorders (see Additional files 4), counseling, free outpatient drugs provision
Psychiatrist Mental health ward at general hospital, acute psychiatric department/ward SPMH Inpatient care (all mental disorders requiring an acute inpatient treatment), counseling, free medications.
Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social worker Psychosocial rehabilitation centres; Crises Management Centers; Mobile services SPMH; Donor funds Multidisciplinary case management (wide range of disorders, see Additional files 4), free outpatient drug provision; community mobile services
Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist Private clinic Out-of-pocket payment Counseling, psychotherapy, drug therapy
  1. UHC Universal Health Care Programme, SMPH State Programme for Mental Health