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Table 1 Variables used in the logistic regressions

From: What should we expect from Switzerland’s compulsory dental insurance reform?

Variable Name Description Note Models
UNMET NEED Dependent indicator variable = 1 if the household reported unmet needs for dental care. The variable assumes value one if the respondent declares that he/she cannot Go to the dentist if needed. 1-4
INCOME Yearly household equivalised net income (in thousands of CHF). SKOS equivalence scale has been used. The SKOS scale attributes a weight of 1 to a 1-person household, 1.53 to a two-person household, 1.86 to a three-person household, 2.14 to a four-person household, 2.42 to a five-person household, 2.70 to a six-person household, 2.98 to a seven-person household and increases by 0.28 to each additional person. 1, 3, 4
REGIONAL DUMMIES 7 dummy variables, one for each Swiss region (Lake Geneva; Middleland; North-west Switzerland; Zurich; East Switzerland; Central Switzerland; Ticino). The dummy variable relative to Lake Geneva has been omitted to avoid collinearity and therefore, Lake Geneva represents the reference region. 2, 3, 4
NC Number of components in the household.   4
NOTURBAN Dummy variable = 1 if the household is in a rural or not urban area. Not urban areas include = Peripheral urban communes; Rural commuter communes, Mixed agricultural communes; Peripheral agricultural communes. 4
EDUCATION Average number of years of education among family components aged 18 years or more.   4
UNEMPLOYED Dummy variable = 1 if at least one member of the household is unemployed.   4
FOREIGN Dummy variable = 1 if at least one member of the household has a foreign nationality.   4