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Table 2 Summary of similarities and differences of contextual factors identified across countries

From: A qualitative exploration of contextual factors that influence dissemination and implementation of evidence-based chronic disease prevention across four countries

N = 13
N = 9
N = 16
United States
N = 12
The most commonly cited channels for obtaining information on EBCDP interventions
 Academic journals x   x  
 Conferences x   x  
 Networks x x   x
 Professional associations x x   x
The most useful channel for accessing EBCDP interventions was their peers x x x x
Reported only a few programmatic areas in which evidence-based repositories were being used within their organizations of employment x x x x
Perceived personal-level barriers to the implementation of EBCDP interventions
 Lack of time x   x x
 Heavy workload x    x
 Lack of expertise with developing and implementing EBCDP interventions   x x  
Optimism and versatility in overcoming barriers   x   
Perceived organizational-level barriers to the implementation of EBCDP interventions     
 Unsupportive workplace cultures x x x x
 Perceived lack of support for EBCDP from the organization’s leadership    x  
 Lack of communication across various groups    x x
 Lack of a workplace policy, mechanism, or incentive to promote and/or keep staff members accountable for making evidence-based decisions in their work x   x  
 Presence of workplace policies that limit personal authority to select the best interventions or to make other changes necessary to incorporate EBCDP x x   
 Inadequate number of staff to implement EBCDP interventions   x x x
 Lack of access to evidence x   x  
 Lack of evidence relevant to rural communities     x
Facilitators to implementing evidence-based interventions     x
 Funding agencies that require EBCDP interventions     
 Having an education/degree x x   x
 Partnerships/support from others x x x x
  1. EBCDP evidence-based chronic disease prevention; x indicates a salient theme among practitioners in that country