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Table 3 Summarized inducements, number of relevant and final IQMS indicators and intervention contents

From: If you can’t measure it- you can’t change it – a longitudinal study on improving quality of care in hospitals and health centers in rural Kenya

Improvement intervention topic Inducement N° relevant indicators (with performed analysis) Intervention contents
Neonatal mortality High neonatal mortality rates 72 (27) Root cause analysis, auditing of all perinatal deaths, a creation of a separate newborn unit, minor renovations and improving of IPC practices
Completeness of partograph Low percentages of sampled partographs correctly filled 11 (4) Conduction of CME (Continuing Medical Education) for staff and the institution of monitoring
Waiting times Longer than promised to clients waiting times 12 (11) Introduction of a customer desk, the sensitization of all departments and units and an overall introduction of customer flow systems
IPC IPC not meeting the required standards 24 (20) Training and implementation of 5S, training on root cause analysis, improvement in IPC practices and a carrying out of regular assessments
Shortages of staffing and transportation in remote areas Transferring out of staff and a poor public transport system 15 (12) Improvement on the referral system, establishment of a good communication with coordination of ambulances, attendance to all emergency cases within 45 min and the possibility of referral