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Table 2 Countries where healthcare providers receive training on FGM/C and have duties to health educate patients, avert and report FGM/C

From: Health sector involvement in the management of female genital mutilation/cutting in 30 countries

  Training for HCP on FGM/C Duty to educate patients on FGM/C Legal duty to avert cases of planned FGM/C Legal duty to report cases of performed FGM/C
Countries of origin
 Burkina Faso    
 Egypt Ad-hoc    
 Gambia, The  
 Sierra Leone Ad-hoc    
Sub total 10 0 3 2
Countries of migration
 Australia Ad-hoc   
 Belgium Ad-hoc   
 Ireland Ad-hoc  
 Netherlands, The
 Norway Ad-hoc  
 Saudi Arabia     
 Spain Ad-hoc
 Sweden Ad-hoc  
 USA Ad-hoc
Sub total 14 8 16 14
Total 24 8 19 16