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Table 1 Respondents’ characteristics

From: Dutch citizens of Turkish origin who utilize healthcare services in Turkey: a qualitative study on motives and contextual factors

Respondents Age Sex Employee status Educational levela Duration of stay in Turkey Frequency of travel to Turkey Years of stay in the Netherlands
R01 70 M Retired Low 6 months Yearly 44
R02 49 M Employed Low 4 weeks Not available 35
R03 45 F Employed Low Not available Not available 30
R04 67 F Retired Low 11 months Yearly 44
R05 40 M Employed High 3 weeks Not available 15
R06 25 F Homemaker Low 7 weeks Not available 6
R07 61 M Employed Low 5 weeks Once every 5 years 42
R08 30 F Employed Low Not available Once every 2 years Born in the Netherlands
R09 67 M Retired Low 6 months Yearly 43
R10 36 M Employed High 2–3 weeks 4 times a year 9
R11 26 F Employed Low 3.5 weeks Yearly Born in the Netherlands
R12 45 M Employed High Living in Turkey since 2004 Not applicable 12
  1. aEducational level was defined as low when a respondent had no formal schooling, primary schooling only, lower vocational or lower secondary schooling, and as high when a respondent had intermediate vocational, intermediate/higher general secondary schooling or higher vocational schooling or university