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Table 1 STRIVE CQI program

From: Perspectives of primary health care staff on the implementation of a sexual health quality improvement program: a qualitative study in remote aboriginal communities in Australia

STRIVE CQI component Description
Clinical data report • De-identified data extracted from (i) participating laboratories and (ii) electronic medical records
• Both data sets used to ensure data quality
• 6 monthly clinic-specific clinical data reports presented to staff at a face-to-face visit
• Visual format provided clinic staff with insights into their local clinical practice associated with the STRIVE ‘best practice targets’
Systems Assessments Tool • Using the Systems Assessment Tool developed by other Australian CQI programs [7], STRIVE developed a tool specific to sexual health
• Encompassed six components which impacted on the systematic delivery of sexual health care
• Staff self-rated their clinic on a scale from 0 to 11 (11 indicating the best practice level had been achieved)
• The tool took 1–3 h to complete and aimed to include all staff working within the clinic
Action Plan setting • Gaps highlighted within the Systems Assessment Tool and clinical data report fed into an Action Plan
• Action Plan was specific to each clinic
• Driven by clinical staff
• Includes designated roles and responsibilities
STRIVE coordinator • Employed through STRIVE
• Five coordinators employed to work with participating sites
• Worked in partnership with any existing, regionally based sexual health roles who were employed by health departments or community controlled services
• Maintained regular contact with participating clinics through 3 monthly phone calls
• 6 monthly face-to-face clinic visits involved delivering clinical activity reports, undertaking systems assessments and creating action plans
Health Promotion funding • STRIVE provided clinics with a one-off $2000 payment
• Payment was to be used toward an activity designed to encourage young people into the clinics for STI testing
Clinic incentive payments • Individual clinics paid per test done and in relation to overall improvement toward meeting STI best practice targets
• Money could be used as desired by each clinic