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Table 2 Coverage, iron and folic acid stock, and distribution as reported by ANM, per Health Sub-Centre

From: Identifying bottlenecks in the iron and folic acid supply chain in Bihar, India: a mixed-methods study

Characteristic n Mean (95% CI)
Population served by health sub-centre 288 9471 (8848, 10,094)
Pregnant women registered in previous month 313 20 (19, 22)
Current IFA stock (number of tablets) 331 2325 (1744, 2906)
Current IFA stock, if present (number of tablets) 182 4306 (3283, 5329)
Number of IFA tablets given to AWW in previous month, if given 71 1547 (899, 2195)
Number of IFA tablets given to ASHA in previous month, if given 131 619 (357, 881)
  1. Extreme values were excluded from each category
  2. ANM Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, IFA iron and folic acid, AWW Anganwadi Worker, ASHA Accredited Social Health Activist