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Table 3 Setting: CFIR-Topics and developed subthemes

From: Physiotherapists’ views of implementing a stratified treatment approach for patients with low back pain in Germany: a qualitative study

Topica Subthemes
Structural characteristics − Chances of implementation
− Manual therapy
− Requirements for staff
Culture − Profitability inner setting
− Manual therapy
Implementation climate − Chances of implementation
− Profitability inner setting
− Current system
− Role of PT
− Allocation of competencies
Readiness for implementation − Organisation in clinic
Design quality and packaging − Profitability inner setting
Patients’ Needs and Resources − Professional policy
− Patients‘self-commitment
− Patients‘views on treatment scope
− Patients‘rethinking
− Patients‘expectation on passive treatment
− Patients‘reaction to classification
− Misinformation
− Patients‘status
Cosmopolitanism − Interprofessional collaboration
− Collaboration with GP
Peer pressure − Implementation of interprofessional collaboration
− First contact
− Competencies perceived by others
− Role of PT within the healthcare system
− Patients’ reaction to classification
− Allocation of competencies
External policies and incentives − Remuneration
− Profitability outer setting
− Professional policy
− First contact
− Role of PT within the healthcare system
  1. abased on the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) [43]