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Table 6 Customer complaints and waiting time for various services

From: Health services in Trinidad: throughput, throughput challenges, and the impact of a throughput intervention on overcrowding in a public health institution

Domain Variable Actual International Benchmark
Customer complaints (percentage of total number of complaints)-from CFARa Customer complaints feedback 30.4% (delay in obtaining results), 10.4% (staff attitude), 16.3% (misplaced files), 21.5% (delay in getting appointments for ECHO and Stress tests) Prompt response
25.2% (wait time for outpatient clinic), 8.9% (equipment problems) No or insignificant delay
Waiting time Waiting time for emergency Unpredictable (hours, sometimes > 12 h) 24% wait 4 h in emergency room (Canada)
Waiting time for inpatient services (radiology, lab reports, and medication) Hours, days, or weeks Prompt, within hours.
Waiting time for reports Weeks, months, or years No significant time to wait for reports
Waiting time for operations Months to years Prompt to Months
Waiting time for clinic appointments or specialist treatment Months to years Weeks to months
  1. Source: Generated by the author
  2. aCFAR – Client Feedback Annual Report; October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016