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Table 5 Operating systems and services in Trinidad and Tobago

From: Health services in Trinidad: throughput, throughput challenges, and the impact of a throughput intervention on overcrowding in a public health institution

Domain Variable Actual International Benchmark
Operating and Support System and Services Resource availability and accessibility Inadequate and sometimes not easily accessible Universal accessibility and availability
Pharmacy supplies Unable to obtain regular supply Consistent supply made available
Medical record system Computerized system and database but limited usability for research Computerized system easily accessible
Waiting time: Services Long delays both for inpatients (days to weeks) and outpatients (months in some cases) Prompt; services done in a timely manner
Lab reports Limited investigations and delays in obtaining results (days to weeks) Universal and timely availability
Lab services Inadequate and inconsistent services available Reliable and adequate with nearly all the services available
Bereavement room/services Lack of rooms and services available Sufficient rooms and services available
Information services Lack of reading material available Adequate material/information readily available
Medical social work services Limited services and resources available to patients. Long appointment times Adequate services/acceptable resources
Block appointment system Virtually non-existent at hospitals and clinics Universal
Protocols/quality improvement system Virtually absent in the system and not usable Visibly present and usable
Audit and customer feedback Very little feedback Feedback ongoing on a continuous basis
Work process 26.3% (02) strongly dissatisfied (based on employee perception survey conducted in 2002) Generally satisfied Continuously assessed
Investigative procedures Lacking and unreliable Reliable and timely
Shuttle service/transport Minimal use of this service Quite good
  1. Source: Generated by the author