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Table 2 Staff assignment for efficiency project

From: Health services in Trinidad: throughput, throughput challenges, and the impact of a throughput intervention on overcrowding in a public health institution

No. Designation Number Role
1. ECG technician/clerk 3 To operate the ECG machine
2. Ward clerk assistant 8 To collect and sort blood reports in a timely manner and insert them in file. To obtain patient records and perform other miscellaneous clerical duties
3. Pharmacy assistant 3 out of 8 To mediate between prescription writing, transfer to pharmacy, and collection of medication. Inform doctors of any unavailable medication, so alternative prescriptions or methods can be used on the same day.
4. Discharge facilitator 0 out of 8 Inform patient/family of discharge. Ensure that patients receive discharge medication, discharge letters, clinic appointments, and transport, if necessary.