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Box 1 Evaluation Principles for K2A

From: Developing a framework to evaluate knowledge into action interventions

The K2A Evaluation Process should:
 • Include ‘criteria for success’ from different levels of the system (micro/meso/macro) and include the views of all relevant actors (patients, practitioners, managers, policy-makers), and link these to the problem definition phase of the K2A process
 • Be easy to use and enhance the planning and implementation process rather than detract from it
 • Link K2A activities to wider outcomes, whilst also seeking to understand processes, relationship and capacity building, and be able to provide some evidence of the contribution made by K2A to these
 • Have a clear approach to K2A based on understanding of the knowledge utilization processes
 • Acknowledge that there are many influences on healthcare outcomes, to which K2A provides a contribution.
 • Provide evidence about the effectiveness of different K2A processes to enhance learning about K2A and contribute to the literature