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Table 3 Construct validity of the PROMIS-PF and PROMIS-APS

From: Using PROMIS for measuring recovery after abdominal surgery: a pilot study

A: Correlations of the PROMIS-PF with the WHO-MO and SF-PF
 T0 −0.70 0.92
 T1 −0.66 Not measured
 T2 −0.84 0.92
 T3 −0.76 0.88
B: Correlations of the PROMIS-APS with the WHO-LA-H, WHO-LA-W, WHO-PART and SF-PRF
 T0 −0.71 −0.76 −0.89 0.72
 T1 −0.61 −0.55 − 0.80 Not measured
 T2 −0.62 −0.68 − 0.65 0.58
 T3 −0.91 −0.76 − 0.69 0.69
  1. Correct expected correlations are highlighted in bold
  2. T0: one week before surgery. T1: one week after surgery. T2: three weeks after surgery . T3: five weeks after surgery
  3. WHO-MO: Mobility subscale of the WHODAS. SF-PF: Physical Role Functioning subscale of the SF-36. WHO-LA-W: Life Activities-Work subscale of the WHODAS. WHO-LA-H: Life Activities-Household subscale of the WHODAS. WHO-PART: the Participation subscale of the WHODAS. SF-PRF: Physical Role Functioning subscale of the SF-36
  4. *Correlations are negative because higher WHODAS scores indicate more impairment regarding mobility