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Table 3 Summary of significant associations using effect sizes (ES) across both hospitals between lower Health Literacy Questionnaire scores and poorer health and/or health related behaviours

From: Differences in health literacy profiles of patients admitted to a public and a private hospital in Melbourne, Australia

  Healthcare provider support Having sufficient information Actively managing health Social support for health Active appraisal Active engagement with healthcare Navigating the healthcare system Ability to find good health information Understanding health information
Current smoker    Private ES 0.28
Public ES 0.27
Physical Activity < 2.5 h/week    Private ES 0.50
Public ES 0.27
Depression/ Anxiety     Private ES 0.27
Public ES 0.39
  Private ES 0.15
Public ES 0.30
≥3 chronic conditions         Private ES 0.26
Public ES 0.25
Private ES 0.18
Public ES 0.20
  1. *Effect size (ES) calculated using Cohen’s d for standardised difference in means. Interpretation of ES: *“small” ES > 0.20–0.50, **“medium” ES 0.50–0.80