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Table 2 Interview guide

From: Social capital in a regional inter-hospital network among trauma centers (trauma network): results of a qualitative study in Germany

#1. Structure, organization, functioning
How frequently are you in contact with other TNO members? How often does the TNO meet as a group?
Can you describe the organizational structure of the TNO: is it rather hierarchically or horizontally organized?
Do you know whom to turn to in difficult situations? Have you already made use of this knowledge?
Could you describe how decisions are made within the trauma network? Are the decision-making processes usually collective, are they transparent?
What role does the leader of the TNO play in the network’s structure?
#2. Climate, reciprocity, trust
Do you trust the other TNO members?
In the group of TNO members, are you supportive of each other? Have you already done a favor to other TNO members, and vice versa? Is there something like solidarity within the TNO?
Can you speak openly about problems? Are dissenting contributions and discussions valued?
#3. Social identity
Do you have ideas and perspectives similar to other TNO members?
Are you pursuing the same goals?
#4. Resources & benefits 1: Knowledge resources: Knowing each other
By being part of the Trauma Network Eastern Bavaria (TNO), do you know more trauma surgeons from other hospitals than before?
Does the TNO help you appraise your colleagues’ expertise and their personal qualities better?
#5. Resources & benefits 2: Facilitation of interactions, collective activities, advocacy, power
How has participating in the trauma network changed the co-operation with the other TNO hospitals? (prompts: communication, consultation, training, patient transfers)
Are you able to influence certain events with the support of the other TNO members? E.g. influence policy makers?
Have you already been involved in common activities of the TNO? Have you jointly advocated for your interests?
Were you able to achieve a goal by collectively getting active?
#6. Resources & benefits 3: Outcomes on patient care and work satisfaction
In your opinion, does the cooperation in the TNO influence the quality of patient care?
In your opinion, has the cooperation in the TNO an effect on your hospital’s success?
Has being part of the TNO influenced your motivation to work?