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Table 1 Examples of concept, interview question, and survey question

From: Tailoring an educational program on the AHRQ Patient Safety Indicators to meet stakeholder needs: lessons learned in the VA


Interview question → Survey question

PSI Knowledge

Have you heard of the PSIs prior to this interview? → I am aware of the PSIs.

Have you ever received a report that contains the PSI rates? → I currently receive reports containing rates for selected PSIs from Inpatient Evaluation Center (IPEC).

PSI Education

Have you received any education about the PSIs? → I have received education about the PSIs from VA Central Office [e.g., Inpatient Evaluation Center (IPEC), National Center for Patient Safety (NCPS)].

If you were to receive education on the PSIs, how would you like it to be delivered? → I would prefer to learn about the PSIs through: web conferencing, video conferencing, reports or journal articles, written case studies, video/audio materials (e.g., links to pre-recorded materials), face-to-face conference, Q&A sessions (e.g., via teleconference).

Improvement Prioritization

Are priorities within your organization set in response to VACO or VISN mandates? → Patient safety/quality priorities for my facility are set mostly in response to: VACO mandates, VISN mandates, within the facility.

Are priorities driven by performance measures vs. driven by other indicators (e.g., adverse events that occur, employee concerns, strategic planning, etc.)? → Patient safety/quality priorities at my facility are mostly driven by VACO performance measures. → Patient safety/quality priorities at my facility are mostly driven by other factors: adverse events that have occurred, employee concerns, strategic planning, press/media/public relations.