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Table 4 Item frequencies rater 1

From: Psychometric properties of the German version of Observer OPTION5

Items No efforta (in %) Minimal efforta (in %) Moderate efforta (in %) Skilled efforta (in %) Exemplary efforta (in %)
Item 1: informing the patient that a decision has to be made 30(38)b/34(43)c 33(41.8)b/27(34.2)c 13(16.5)b/15(19)c 3(3.8)b/3(3.8)c 0(0)b/0(0)c
Item 2: assuring that the patient will be supported and deliberate about options 63(79.7)b/68(86.1)c 15(19)b/11(13.9)c 1(1.3)b/0(0)c 0(0)b/0(0)c 0(0)b/0(0)c
Item 3: giving information on the options and mentioning pros and cons 47(59.5)b/48(60.8)c 19(24.1)b/20(25.3)c 12(15.2)b/9(11.4)c 1(1.3)b/2(2.5)c 0(0)b/0(0)c
Item 4: eliciting the patient’s preferences 48(60.8)b/50(63.3)c 28(35.4)b/26(32.9)c 3(3.8)b/3(3.8)c 0(0)b/0(0)c 0(0)b/0(0)c
Item 5: integrating the patient’s preferences in the decision 53(67.1)b/51(64.6)c 26(32.5)b/25(31.6)c 0(0)b/3(3.8)c 0(0)b/0(0)c 0(0)b/0(0)c
  1. aSample size of N = 79 for each rating
  2. bFirst rating
  3. cSecond rating