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Table 4 Test for parallel trends of treated and control hospitals in the period before the PC organizational change

From: Evaluating organizational change in health care: the patient-centered hospital model

Variable (A) (B) (C) (D)
Days in hospital
F-stat. 0.026 0.007 0.001 0.001
Re-hospitalization rate (same MDC)
F-stat. 0.059 0.002 0.004 0.002
Re-hospitalization rate (same Hosp., same MDC)
F-stat. 0.068 0.003 0.013 0.012
Mortality rate
F-stat. 0.095 0.008 0.001 0.003
MDC x Year interaction No Yes Yes Yes
Hosp. and MDC Interactions with:
Discharges No Yes Yes Yes
Age No No Yes Yes
Male No No No Yes
  1. Source: Our calculations using data provided by the Lombardy Health Care Department. Note: The table shows the test of parallel trends, for different outcome variables, respectively the log of the number of days of hospitalization (outcome days in hospital), the log of the rate at which a discharged patient happens to be re-hospitalized in the same MDC and in both the same hospital and MDC within 30 days (outcome re-hospitalization rates), the log of the mortality rate within 30 days after discharge (outcome mortality rate). The test is run for the period 2004–2010, fitting a fourth-order polynomial of a time trend