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Table 1 The PRECEDE framework as conceptualized for this study

From: Integrating community-based health promotion programs and primary care: a mixed methods analysis of feasibility

PRECEDE Construct Hypothetical Example
Predisposing Factors: the beliefs, knowledge, and attitudes of individuals that predispose them to certain aligned behaviors Clinician knowledge of evidence in support of the CDSMP
Reinforcing Factors: the community norms, incentives, and infrastructures that shape and reinforce the predisposing factors Frequency with which clinicians’ peers and administrators discuss the CDSMP
Enabling Factors: the immediate availability of individual and community resources required to carry out aligned behaviors Availability of staff and technology to facilitate CDSMP referrals
Administrative Issues: the culture and priorities of a community or organization that determine, prescribe and facilitate changes to other factors Organizational culture and mission that desires to keep people healthy
Policy Issues: the existing rules that require or prevent certain behaviors independent of motivations Presence of organizational policies that limit external collaboration