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Table 1 Fit with Grassroots Social Innovation Theory

From: Applying social innovation theory to examine how community co-designed health services develop: using a case study approach and mixed methods

  Stickers Dry tooth-brushing Brush-containers Education / screening at immunisation Training program
Growing the idea – innovations all involved adapting existing product/service concepts
Idea is from grassrooots
Local innovators understand problem & produce feasible solutions Adapted based on existing sticker system Adapted based on lack of access to hygienic sinks Adapted to produce cheaper product that met needs Adapted for practice ‘space’ opportunity seen Adopted, based on programs elsewhere
Partnership facilitated by boundary spanning people PHN staff supported idea to print stickers Local participants examine evidence with researcher Project stimulates school staff to produce new container School staff linked with immunisation co-ordinators by project Facilitator harnesses Medicare Local & RTOa to provide
Development – all innovations were nurtured into implementation in the project ‘niche’
Niche protection
Making it compatible with existing regime/practice Fits with national child development book Produce evidence-based guidelines Fit with guidelines. Met hygiene standards Sought approval of schools, PHNsb & other agencies Appeared compatible with health system at first
Support of policy level actors PHN printed stickers and put on website Adopted by State dental agency   Supported by PHNs, School Management & University. Affected professional boundaries
Sustainability and diffusion – some innovations may not continue
Do we think it will continue? ~maybe ~ ~
New organizational relationships Needs PHN promotion State agency diffused across state Local innovation Between schools and University At first, but challenges professional boundaries
Financial sustainability Low cost, but uncertain Depends on schools that implement it Remains a local innovation Dependent on dental student input Seeking host agency for program
  1. aRTO Recognised Training Organisation
  2. bPHN Primary Health Network