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Table 1 Overview of the specific activities under each health promotion work package in selected providers of community mental health services, 2012

From: Exploring drivers and challenges in implementation of health promotion in community mental health services: a qualitative multi-site case study using Normalization Process Theory

  Municipal provider Lakeside Municipal provider Countrysidea Regional provider Beachfront Regional provider Hilltop
Health promotion work package Physical exercise • Individual training programmes;
• Groups for running/walking
• Exercise buddies
• Daily/weekly walking tours • Daily exercise
• Groups for running/walking
• Joint exercise day
• Spinning facilities
• Outdoors exercise facilities
Healthy eating • Healthy meals/recipes • Communal breakfast
• Support shopping/meal preparation
• Courses on healthy food
• Support shopping/meal preparation • Courses on healthy food
Smoking reduction • Smoking cessation courses   • Dedicated smoking areas • Dedicated smoking areas
  1. aThe provider did not have a health promotion work package on smoking reduction and suggested this was because of general resource constraints. However, this does not mean that the provider did not work with smoking reduction more generally; this is because the implementation of SLIPS coincided with the introduction of new anti-smoking legislation in public services