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Table 2 Characteristics of participants in focus group discussions

From: Factors influencing the capacity of women to voice their concerns about maternal health services in the Muanda and Bolenge Health Zones, Democratic Republic of the Congo: a multi-method study

Participants Location Number Sex Age Education
Focus groups    M F Age Lower Higher
Key informants Muanda 12 9 3 30–65 P5 MPH
Bolenge 8 7 1 31–45 U3 U6/MD
Community health workers and Health committee members Muanda 12 6 6 23–67 P6 U3
Bolenge 12 7 5 25–65 P4 U1
Men and men’s groups’ representatives Muanda 12 12 25–57 P6 U2
Bolenge 12 12 31–63 P4 U1
Women and women’s groups’ representatives Muanda 12 12 23–45 P6 S6
Bolenge 12 12 22–54 NE S6
Total   92 53 39 22–67 NE MPH
  1. Abbreviations: M Male, F Female, NE No education, P Primary school (P6: 6th level primary school), S Secondary school (S2: 2nd level secondary school), U undergraduate (U3: 3rd level undergraduate), MD Medical doctor, MPH Master in Public Health