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Table 6 Usability Testing Themes (with domain interaction code), Factors, and Example Veteran Quotes

From: Development of a 5As-based technology-assisted weight management intervention for veterans in primary care

Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3
Tool Language Elicits Emotional Response (USER-TOOL) Users Seek Clarification When Question Purpose is Unclear (USER-CONTEXT/USER-TOOL) Answer options & advice must be clear & health literate (USER-TOOL)
Round 1 Example Quotes
MOD: So how did you feel when you were reading this paragraph…that’s telling you to lose weight?
US-08: Well I’m getting scolded.
US-01: It’s…telling you you’re fat and these people, they’re here because they know they’re fat…And they want to lose weight.
MOD: Okay.
US-01: Could you reword it? Try not to gain weight, I would recommend that you try not to, not that you do not. It’s a little nicer, I think.
US-06: What do you think may get in the way to change your eating habits, check all that apply…Used to eating a certain way, I don’t understand the question.
MOD: What do you think it might mean?
US-08: Just to eating a certain way like (long pause) I don’t know.
US-08: Make my goals into smart goals, I’m not sure I know what that means.
MOD: Okay, all right so it’s unclear at this page what you’re supposed to do?
US-08: Right.
US-02: Now I got a question with the eating disorder…Binge eating, anorexia or bulimia. Okay maybe I binge eat…but I don’t consider it something out of control because I don’t do it all the time, I may do it once a month.
MOD: How would we make that more clear…?
US-02: I would say maybe if it’s something they do more than maybe twice a month or something, you know, put a number on it, you know...
US-05: So it’s asking me for my ID number right, your ID number or is this saying there is an ID number up here right?... So where would I have this ID number…would it be on my military card or what?
MOD: So it’s unclear kind of what the ID number is for.
US-05: Yes.
Round 2 Examples Quotes
MOD: So it says at the top “lost over 45 pounds.” What do you think about having these show up?
US-11: That’s good, it shows they’re motivated and they’re doing something positive for themselves.
US-13: I like the fact that…you have the motivation part, that’s great keep it up. I like that I really like that.
US-14: Okay, why is this (clicks on red underline).
MOD: What do you think about that information?
US-14:: I love that …it’s telling me … something I know but you see I always go for the bigger numbers because then it will motivate me even more. But I like the fact it gives you smaller increments, you know, it’s telling you to choose smaller increments and why.
MOD: Do you know why that is red and underlined?
US-09: Yes it would tell me in detail.
MOD: How do you feel about that advice?
US-04: Great. No she was very good, very good and if you’re in doubt you just tell them go ask my coach or the healthcare team where I can go get help.
MOD: So what do you think about this slide?
US-04: Well in case I didn’t know, this will help me to know…It’s informative. It will give me information I need to at least start.
  1. Abbreviations: MOD moderator; US-## = Respondent ID)