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Table 4 Open-ended interview questions

From: Development of a 5As-based technology-assisted weight management intervention for veterans in primary care

General What did you like best about the experience?
What did you like least about the experience?
Do you have any other comments about anything today?
GEM Tool How likely are you to recommend this to another veteran?
If you did the questionnaire and health coaching right before seeing your nurse or doctor,
• Who on the team would you want to discuss your goals with?
• What would be the best way to discuss these goals with the team?
If you could change anything about the GEM questionnaire,
• What would you change?
• What would you leave the same?
The GEM questionnaire was designed to get information from you in order to provide advice and help you set goals.
• How useful was the advice for setting goals?
• What could make it more useful?
How can the GEM questionnaire help you better set goals?
If you were going to see your doctor,
• Where would you like complete the questionnaire beforehand (physical location)?
• How would you feel about taking it at home?
• How would you feel about taking it at the clinic?
Health Coaching Session:
Overall, how was the experience talking about your weight, lifestyle, and goals with the health coach?
• What could make the health coaching experience more useful?
What is your understanding of what a SMART goal is?
How was your experience writing down your goals on the worksheet?
• What could make it better?
What would be the best way for us or healthcare providers to contact you and check in with you about your progress starting and maintaining these goals?
If a health coach, not a doctor, scheduled phone calls to check about your progress,
• How would you feel about that?
• How often would you like these phone calls to be?
• Are there any other ways you would like someone to follow up with you on your goals?
Do you have any other feedback about the health coaching session?
Health Coaching Session:
Tailored Materials
The personal report summarized your answers to the questionnaire and wrote out all the tailored advice.
• What do you think of the personal report you received?
• What do you think of the binder and the handouts you received?
• What do you think you will do with them when you get home?