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Table 3 Results of logistic regression analysis of LACE index added to subjective clinician predictions

From: Clinicians can independently predict 30-day hospital readmissions as well as the LACE index

Value added when LACE index added to the following provider predictions
  OR (95% CI) P
Residents 1.10 (1.02, 1.20) 0.019
Attendings 1.08 (0.99, 1.17) 0.089
Nurses 1.10 (0.99, 1.22) 0.067
  1. Logistic regression analysis was performed to assess if adding LACE index to clinician predictions resulted in a prediction that was more likely to distinguish readmitted from non-readmitted patients. Results of this analysis were considered positive if the OR and 95% confidence intervals were greater than 1.0, with p < 0.05