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Table 1 Characteristic of the patients admitted to the General Internal Medicine Wards at our hospital in June–July 2015

From: Clinicians can independently predict 30-day hospital readmissions as well as the LACE index

Patient characteristic Percent of patients
Patient Age
  > 65 56%
  < 65 44%
Patient Sex
 Male 56%
 Female 44%
Primary Diagnosis by Diagnosis Related Group
 Cardiac Diagnosis (e.g. heart failure, atrial fibrillation, etc.) 27%
 Infectious Diagnosis (e.g. sepsis, etc.) 18%
 Respiratory Diagnosis (e.g. COPD, etc.) 7%
 Malignancy-Related Diagnosis (e.g. malignant ascites, etc.) 8%
 Benign Hematologic Diagnosis (e.g. sickle cell disease, etc.) 3%
 Hepatopancreaticobiliary Diagnosis (e.g. pancretitis, etc.) 3%
 Neurologic Diagnosis (e.g. seizures, etc.) 2%
 Renal Diagnosis (e.g. AKI, etc.) 5%
 Digestive Disorder (e.g. inflammatory bowel disease, etc.) 9%
 Endocrine Disorder (e.g. diabetes, etc.) 2%
 Musculoskeletal and Skin Diagnosis (e.g. fractures, etc.) 2%
 Psychiatric Diagnosis (e.g. delirium, etc.) 3%
 Other 9%