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Table 2 Exclusion criteria for ill children as reported by Swiss CCC directors: Symptoms and signs

From: Temporary exclusion of ill children from childcare centres in Switzerland: practice, problems and potential solutions

Category %a Exclusion criterion %
Fever 87.4 Not specified 36.1
Above a defined body temperature (≥ 38, 38.1 or 38.5 °C) 35.3
High fever 8.0
With other signs of illness 3.6
If it is not due to teething 1.2
Conjunctivitis 29.3 Not specified 20.1
Eye irritations, e.g. tearing or red eyes 4.4
Until a physician confirms that there is no threat 1.6
Until a defined time after beginning of treatment 1.2
Vomiting 19.7 Not specified 16.9
More than once 1.6
Repeated vomiting 0.8
Diarrhoea 18.0 Not specified 10.4
Above a defined number of unformed stools 3.6
Heavy diarrhoea 2.8
Various symptoms 9.6 Abnormal breathing 2.8
Rash of unclear origin 2.8
  1. aThis number includes once-only mentions, which are not further described in this table