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Table 1 Exclusion criteria for ill children as reported by Swiss CCC directors: Medical and social circumstances

From: Temporary exclusion of ill children from childcare centres in Switzerland: practice, problems and potential solutions

Category %a Exclusion criterion %
Contagiousness 52.2 Not specified 47.4
If contagiousness is suspected; until a physician confirms that there is no threat 1.6
Except for common colds 1.6
Extent of Illness 45.3 Discomfort, pain or altered general condition 29.7
Any sign of illness 7.2
If the child cannot participate comfortably in daily activities 6.4
Any sign of illness in the last twenty-four hours 2.0
Institutional limits 8.4 If the child needs medication 2.8
If we cannot provide optimal care 2.4
If the child needs the care of its parents 2.0
If the child needs to see a physician 1.2
Interference with other children’s need 3.2 If the child needs more attention than we can offer 2.4
If not being excluded would be possibly dangerous for the child or the other children 0.8
  1. aThis number includes once-only mentions, which are not further described in this table