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Table 6 Categories of requests made by the referring clinicians to the Cultural consultation service (CCS)

From: The relevance of clinical ethnography: reflections on 10 years of a cultural consultation service

Category of request addressed to the CCS N a %
Help resolve specific clinical issue
 Improve patient’s treatment adherence 86 36.4
 Evaluate patient’s diagnosis 27 11.4
 Verify the patient’s illness comprehension and ability to give informed consent 22 9.3
Improve general understanding of the patient
 Clarify patient’s illness-related beliefs and practices 76 32.2
 Provide information about the patient’s social situation and living conditions 116 49.2
 Request for general information about a religious or ethnic community 81 34.3
 Clarify expectations of patient and/or family 20 8.5
Other 81 34.3
  1. aThe sum of requests is greater than 236 because clinicians often formulated multiple requests