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Table 3 Evaluation questionnaire for clinicians requesting a cultural consultation

From: The relevance of clinical ethnography: reflections on 10 years of a cultural consultation service

Question Type of answer
How satisfied were you with the CC? 6 point Likert scale, from “not at all satisfied” to “perfectly satisfied”
How useful was the CC? 6 point Likert scale, from “not at all useful” to “extremely useful”
Would you recommend the CCS to your colleagues? Yes/No
Would you request a CC in the future if needed? Yes/No
How important to you are the following aspects of the CCS?
• Sociocultural expertise of the consultant
• A time and space for discussing complex cases
• The perspective of an outside consultant
Very/Somewhat/Not at all (one answer per item)
How did the CC help you?
• Better understand the patient’s illness-related ideas and expectations
• Communicate more effectively with the patient
• Clarify the patient’s diagnosis
• Clarify the patient’s treatment plan
• Improve the patient’s adherence to treatment
• Better understand how social and cultural factors affect the case
• Better understand asylum and/or immigration related issues
• Learn about community resources available for immigrant patients
Yes/No/Not applicable (one answer per item)
What suggestions do you have for improving the CCS? Open-ended question
Do you have any other comments you would like to add? Open-ended question