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Table 11 Clinicians’ perceptions of how the Cultural consultation service helped (N = 51)

From: The relevance of clinical ethnography: reflections on 10 years of a cultural consultation service

Ways in which the CCS helped clinicians N a %
Better understand how social and cultural factors affect the case 46 90.2
Better understand the patient’s illness-related ideas and expectations 38 74.5
Communicate more effectively with the patient 30 58.8
Learn about community resources available for immigrant patients 29 56.9
Better understand asylum and/or immigration related issues 28 54.9
Improve the patient’s adherence to treatment 20 39.2
Clarify the patient’s treatment plan 20 39.2
Clarify the patient’s diagnosis 9 17.6
  1. aThe total n is greater than 51 because clinicians could check more than one answer