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Table 10 Recommendations made by the Cultural consultation

From: The relevance of clinical ethnography: reflections on 10 years of a cultural consultation service

Recommendation N a %
Strategies to improve communication/understanding
 Modify communication style (simplify language, avoid jargon, use simple images or metaphors, etc.) 77 36.7
 Use an interpreter 72 34.3
 Explore/take into account the patient’s social situation 62 29.5
 Explore/take into account patient opinion/preferences 25 12
Involve others in patient care
 Refer to mental health services 50 23.8
 Refer to social services 50 23.8
 Refer to other (non mental health) professional (GP, physical therapist) 46 21.9
 Refer to specific cultural/religious resources (imam, community association, traditional healer, etc.) 37 17.5
 Include family/relatives in patient management 34 16.2
Modify illness management or treatment plan 48 22.9
Other 58 27.6
  1. aRecommendations were emitted for 211 cases. For some cases, more than one recommendation was given