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Table 2 Illustrative quotes relating to participants’ experience of the app referral service (n = 10)

From: Development and pilot evaluation of a clinic-based mHealth app referral service to support adult cancer survivors increase their participation in physical activity using publicly available mobile apps

What did you like about the referral service?
 Apps recommendations were tailored
  There’s so many apps out there, it’s really good for someone else to just sift through and target them
  Consideration into choosing one for me
 App simple and easy to use
  The app was simple and easy to use, especially for those who aren’t good at technology.
  Able to check on steps easily. Easy to read without glasses. Not using my data – big plus
  Found it easy to interpret exercise form app diagram
  Overcome my barrier about starting daily skipping
  Initial interviews provided start up motivation. Subsequent interview were good re-enforcement
  Got me back on my bicycle
  Motivated me to find app suitable to my exercise goals
 Friendly and Accessible
  Friendly service and advice
  Easy access and communication
  I could connect to my T.V
  Liked the app exercises
  Good information
  Well-presented and explained
What could be improved?
 Range and capabilities of apps
  Expand the range of apps
  Frustrated with only small selection of activities provided. No weights provided on app
  App developed specifically for cancer survivors
 More information
  Better explanation on use of apps, if person is not used to using apps.
  Some more information about how this service can assist + support. Brochures of explanation
What do you recommend?
 Facilitate communication with professionals and peers
  Communicate with exercise physiologists/physio about individual risk factors patients may not understand
  Examine non-technical, social basis approach which complement the app approach
  Connect people that are participating in an online chat/Facebook group etc.
  App referral service will be helpful for cancer survivors if in cooperation with guided personalised training
 Longer follow-up
  2–4 week use & follow up
  Have the study be of longer duration
  Two weeks would have been better to make it more habitual. Include a follow-up session after 3 months to see if people are maintaining their goals
 Targeted/tailored app specific to cancer survivors
  App developed specifically for cancer survivors
  Closely monitored and tailored exercise programmes for cancer ‘rehab’ would be useful – taking into account levels of fatigue, lymphedema, peripheral neuropathy, etc
 Transfer service to online platform
  Conduct interviews via skype or as an online form to fill out and submit