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Table 3 LIMIT inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: The low indexes of metabolism intervention trial (LIMIT): design and baseline data of a randomized controlled clinical trial to evaluate how alerting primary care teams to low metabolic values, could affect the health of patients aged 75 or older

To be eligible, a participant must meet inclusion criteria 1,2 AND 3 and not meet the exclusion criterion.
Inclusion Criteria
 1. ≥75 years old on 9.2015
 2. A member of Clalit Health Services Northern or Southern Districts
 3. At risk (one or more of the following):
 a. Significant weight loss without dietitian assessment (all the following):
  i. A drop in BMI of 2 kg/m2 or more during previous two years
  ii. BMI less than 23 kg/m2
  iii. No record of dietitian counseling during previous year.
 b. Extremely tight medicinal diabetes treatment (both the following):
  i. Last HbA1c% ≤ 6.5%
  ii. At least one anti-diabetic medicine was dispensed during previous 2 months.
 c. Extremely tight lowering of cholesterol (both the following):
  i. Last total cholesterol <160 mg/dL (= Hypocholesterolemia)
  ii. At least one cholesterol-lowering medicine was dispensed during previous 2 months.
Exclusion criteria
Only for criterion c: Any of the following diagnoses: ischemic heart disease, transient ischemic attack, or stroke.
For all criteria: Patients whose primary clinic staff declined to participate or whose primary clinic staff e-mail address is unobtainable.