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Table 2 Behaviour change techniques used in the SMS text-messaging intervention

From: Using the Medical Research Council framework for development and evaluation of complex interventions in a low resource setting to develop a theory-based treatment support intervention delivered via SMS text message to improve blood pressure control

Behaviour change technique clustera Text message contentb Type of messagec
Repetition and substitution
 Habit formation Taking your medicine at the same time every day can help you remember to take your pills regularly. Weekly
 Behaviour substitution Please remember, if you can’t make your MEDICINES TIME&DATE, send someone you trust to pick-up your pills. We need your clinic card and their identification document. Weekly
 Behavioural rehearsal/practice Planning ahead (counting out tomorrow’s pills today) can help you remember to take your pills. Weekly
 Generalization of a target behaviour Your good health is important. Please try to do more exercise. Activities that make you sweat or your heart beat faster are good for you. Weekly
Natural consequences
 Health consequences Please tell us (DR&PHARMACY) if you think your high blood pills are making you feel unwell. Ask us about common side effects of your pills. Weekly
 Salience of consequences Please don’t give yours meds to people who are not prescribed them. Giving other people pills can endanger their health. Ask them to please come to the clinic. Weekly
 Anticipated regret Did you know untreated high blood (when you don’t take your pills) puts you at risk for heart disease? Please take your pills as directed. Weekly
Goals and planning
 Action planning Ask someone you trust to help you remember to take your medicine as directed. Weekly
 Problem solving Please remember to come back to clinic if you run out of medicine before your next date. You can come even if it is not your date. Weekly
 Commitment Please remember your high blood is with you always. Work with [CLINIC NAME] to stay healthy. Keep your clinic dates & take your medicine as directed. Weekly
 Goal setting (outcome) Please remember your next MEDICINE PICK-UP DATE is on [DAY][DD/MM/YY] at [00:00]. 48 h prior to scheduled appointment
 Behavioural contract Please remember your high blood can’t be cured. To keep healthy Please keep on with your pills, come on your booked clinic dates, exercise & eat healthy food Weekly
 Review of behaviour goals Thanks for picking up your meds. Keeping on your pills & attending on your correct dates helps us serve you better. 48 h post scheduled appointment
Social support
 Practical Please be sure to tell the PHARMACY if you need to go away. We will give you a letter & extra pills so you won’t run out. Weekly
 General Work with us to stay healthy. Learn about your condition & how to manage it. For more info ask us. Weekly
 Emotional You are an important member of your community. Please keep trying with a healthy lifestyle. Please try to do more exercise. Weekly
  1. aMichie et al. [14]
  2. bAll text messages were signed off by a named health care provider
  3. cParticipants received one message per week, either a reminder to attend an up-coming appointment (48-h prior to scheduled appointment) or a message selected-at-random from the message library. Participants selected the time of day at which the message was sent, at trial recruitment