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Table 1 Evidence on predictors of LOS in inpatients with AN

From: Factors influencing the length of hospital stay of patients with anorexia nervosa – results of a prospective multi-center study

DV Positive predictors Negative predictors Non-influential variables
LOS age [36] previous admission [34] comorbid mental disorder [35, 45]aduration of illness [45]a NG tube feeding [45, 46]ainvoluntary admission [46]a t0 BMI [34] [35]aminimum weight after onset [36] adherence to therapeutic contract [45]a treatment site, area of residence, menstrual status, education, abnormal white cell count [34] age at onset, t0 weight, duration of illness, previous admissions [36] previous admission, age at onset, t0 BMI, duration of untreated illness, distance from hospital, socioeconomic level, menstrual status, education [45]a age, gender, number of comorbidities, time (2005-2009) [35]a
  1. DV Dependent variable, t0 admission, BMI Body mass index. a Marked studies were conducted within adolescent samples [45, 46] or predicted inpatient costs instead of LOS, which are closely associated [35]