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Table 1 Realist Evaluation Study site descriptions

From: PROPEL: implementation of an evidence based pelvic floor muscle training intervention for women with pelvic organ prolapse: a realist evaluation and outcomes study protocol

Site Urban/rural POPPY experience Current dominant model
1 Urban POPPY recruiting centre Primary and secondary care provision of specialist physiotherapy referred by primary care and acute services with a mix of 1:1 and group provision available. Women not routinely sent to physiotherapy as first line treatment. Several POPPY physiotherapists providing current input to women with POP
2 Urban Large involvement in medically driven trials but no focus on physiotherapy based trials Currently has some specialist physiotherapy involvement but greater specialist nurse-led service for women
No POPPY involvement
3 Rural No POPPY involvement and limited other trial involvement Current interest in re-design and expanding to junior grade physiotherapists and other nursing staff (as practitioners with special interest)
  1. POP Pelvic Organ Prolapse, POPPY Pelvic Organ Prolapse PhysiotherapY trial