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Table 4 Themes and subthemes showing deterrents to knowledge translation and central aspects of the intervention that worked as catalysts for change

From: Iterative co-creation for improved hand hygiene and aseptic techniques in the operating room: experiences from the safe hands study

Over-arching theme Knowledge translation - a complex and emergent process
Themes 1. Deterrents to knowledge translation 2. Catalysts for learning and change
Subthemes 1.1 Balancing conflicting goals and system ambiguities
1.2 Unknown patient consequences
1.3 Doubts that HH and AT prevent HAI
1.4 Strong boundaries, hierarchies, and distrust.
1.5 A culture of right and wrong
2.1 Facilitation as an iterative process of creating trusting relationships
2.2 The creation of a shared sense of urgency
2.3 Co-creation and iterative prototyping
2.4 A growing awareness of the workplace culture and one’s own practices
2.5 Increased psychological safety through dialogue