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Table 3 Participants and the number of Labs attended

From: Iterative co-creation for improved hand hygiene and aseptic techniques in the operating room: experiences from the safe hands study

Profession & Role Attendance rates/participants during 11 Labs
Nurse assistant 8
Nurse assistant 9
OR nurse 10
OR nurse and clinical instructor 7
Nurse anesthetist 6
Nurse anesthetist 10
Anesthesiologist and clinical chief physician 8
Anesthesiologista 6
Orthopedic surgeonb (senior) 4
Orthopedic surgeon (junior) 6
Intensive care nurse and OR ward manager 6
Nurse anesthetist and OR front-line nurse manager 7
  1. aOne of the anesthesiologists was replaced at the 8th Lab, as he/she had moved to another hospital
  2. bThe senior orthopedic surgeon experienced difficulties in taking part due to lack of time, and so was replaced at the 8th Lab