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Table 2 The goals of the first Learning Lab, and central issues raised by the participants

From: Iterative co-creation for improved hand hygiene and aseptic techniques in the operating room: experiences from the safe hands study

The goals of the first learning laboratory and workplace-based meeting
 • Open up for dialogue
 • Create awareness about the problem of the lack of HH and AT in the OR and postoperative infections among patients undergoing hip-fracture surgery.
 • Start the process of creating a shared sense of urgency within the organization
 • Learn more about post-operative infections and how to create chance and co-create new knowledge
 • Clarifying roles, goals, and working methods
Issues and central questions addressed in the learning laboratories, exemplified by quotations
“Is there really any evidence in support of HH and AT?”
“How can we involve all our co-workers in the OR?”
“How to move away from telling someone that they are wrong or failing to see this as an opportunity for learning away from shame and blame?”
“How can we create awareness around our own practices?”
Will this be another project without physician engagement, that will fail?”
“What is the right way to do it…?”
“We don’t have the time to talk about or observe each other doing this [HH] during work.”